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Our LGBT Community Story

About Our LGBT Story

Who is behind the LGBT Community Forum?

Hi, I would like to share some life experiences with you.
In return I am asking for you to share your life experiences with all of us as well.

I created the LGBT Community Forum as a safe place to share information within my community. At the present time we are a Florida based Limited Liability Company known as LGBT, LLC. As we grow we will need to expand the membership area and develop the nonprofit side of our community. But first we need to gather our resources and begin a crowdfunding campaign to cover our basic startup costs.

I see a vision much bigger than just a simple website and forum. This excited me very much as I know how communities can grow. To do this I am asking for your support to make this the place to find and share information in a reliable format.

Thank you for your participation and support in our online LGBT community.

Welcome to the LGBT Forum! Start Here!

Creating Your Profile, Introduce Yourself, Announcements, Become a LGBT Volunteer, Become a LGBT Sponsor.

Pride Celebration Photos and Videos

Pride Celebration Photos and Videos! Post and share all of your Pride Celebration photos and videos for everyone to view!

LGBT Communities and Organizations

LGBT Communities and Organizations

General Support and Advice

Coming Out Advice, Your Story, LGBT Hotlines, Parents and Family Members, Family, Friends, and Relationships, Health and Fitness, and Sex and Sexual Health.

Specific LGBT Topics

Lesbian Forum, Gay Forum, Bisexual Forum, Transgender Forum, Questioning Forum, Intersex Forum, Asexual Forum, Self-Sexual Forum, Pansexual Forum, and Heterosexual Forum.

Local Discussions

Currently we are focusing on USA and Canada. But this is the very beginning of what we hope to accomplish. So hang on and add a few localized categories as you see needed.

You may contact LGBT.net at 201 W Ocean Ave, 3612, Lantana, FL 33462.

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