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Aug 5, 2021
Hi, my name is Emily. I've known for about 3 years now that I am pansexual and I've fully embraced that and feel really comfortable with that description. But about a month ago, my girlfriend poked fun at me (as you do with close loved ones) and said that I have more masculine tendencies than I think I do. And that sent me on this path of gender identity because I've always just assumed and been comfortable with identifying as a female. But I payed more attention to myself and I am more masculine than I thought. So we looked up different genders and I rationalized to myself that I'm just more of a tomboy. But its not just that. I think I may be gender fluid but I'm not sure. So I wanted to ask if these things are normal for a gender fluid person. I went to work and my boss said "Hey girl" and I felt really uncomfortable being called girl. And when I went home I tried on my girlfriends basketball shorts (that she got in the men's section) and I felt super comfortable but she commented that she legitimately forgot I was female for a second. I love my body and its feminine qualities but very very occasionally I will think of what it would be like to have certain male features and how good that would feel. But I don't want to change my body. I like feeling feminine and masculine. And I think I have this bias against gender fluidity because of a past experience that wasn't so good, as well as internalized homophobia due to my family situation. But anyway, I don't know if gender fluid is the right term here, but I thought I would ask and see what other people have to say.