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New member
Aug 9, 2021
Hey there! One thing that confuses me is that I still haven't understood what is the femme style and butch. Actually, what makes the femme style femme and what makes butch, butch? I've seen lots of photos like femme is skinny jeans a really girly button-up shirt and butch is something like a suit and a tie and some oxford shoes or if you want it not that formal you go for some rockish, black leather jackets and an undercut haircut. But for me, it is still a little difficult to achieve a butch look at the level that I want to. I don't know what else to add to my wardrobe to do this.
Is there a cloth that makes femme look femme and butch look butch?


New member
Sep 1, 2021
North Carolina
So what I think of butch (or masc, because I think it applies to guys to a fair extent) is denim, leather, short hair, boots. I don't know that it is a particular material otherwise, more of a style or color. That being said, warning, warning, I'm the last person on Earth you should take advice from on fashion. Other things like cargo shorts (which apparently us guys aren't supposed wear anymore? 🤔) or camo, pretty much anything black. But I also feel that there needs to be a casual touch as well, in other words don't try too hard. Then again, I might be way out in left field, it is a very subjective area.


New member
Sep 12, 2021
I think it varies depending on the person. In my closet, I have one section for my 'guy clothes' and one for my 'girl clothes'. I dress each day depending on how I'm feeling in the moment. I've had short hair, was always mistaken for a guy, and now my hair is long. I just go with the flow of what works for me. Hope this helped some. Much love!


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