A Trans Manga: 'The Bride Was A Boy'

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Aug 4, 2021
Ine, Japan
Alright, My Second Post Is A Book Review....


The Book, 'The Bride Was A Boy' Revolves Around The Life Story Of Chii, The Author And Protagonist Of The Book. This Single-Volume Manga Was My First (And I Still Find Some LGBTQ Aspect Of The Manga I Read Currently) and One Of The Best, In My Opinion. The Art Style Is A Very Simplified 'Chibi' Like Design, with Almost Like 'Steamboat Willy' Looking Eyes. The Story Is Nothing Less Than The Art Style; Brilliant.


The Story Mostly Focuses On The Romance Between Chii And Husband-Kun, With Chii Being Trans as a Social Aspect Of The Story Rather Than The Main Point. Due To It Taking Place, (And Being Written) In Japan, Some Transphobia In Our Governmental System Is Seen And Gone Into Depth In a 7 Page Long Explanation On How Chii Was Able To Transition On Paper.

One Of My Favorite Bits Were These:

A Small Window Into The Life And Feelings Of A Trans Person. Very N i c e.

Conclusion: A Romantic Novel with a side of trans.
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