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Aug 29, 2021
United states
I been designing a gay dating site for a while now and was wondering if anyone can give any feedback on the sites features and other things.

Credits are used to purchase virtual gifts and send to members, to boost your profile in searches and to be posted at the top of the site with your photo icon.

You can earn credits "free" unlike other sites earn the free credits by uploading photos and from logging in every 24 hours.

It's functional and can be used as of now.



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Well I can give you my opinions based on what I am able to see (I haven't signed up). I think in order for a *new* dating website to have a chance at being successful you should try to get folks in large cities to sign up. One of the things I find about other dating sites is that there's no one close by and most people aren't looking for long distance relationships. The other problem I noticed and is one particularly bad on POF (Plenty of Fish) is all the inactive accounts that appear.

It is kind of a catch 22, likewise you want everyone to sign up, not just people in LA or NYC but folks in large metropolitan areas are more likely to accept meeting people on the other side of town versus say where I'm at where I might be seeing profiles of people 2+ hours away.

Facebook was similar way back in 2004. You had to choose the school you went to and if it wasn't there you kind of couldn't join. That all changed about a year or two later where it opened up to where anyone could join.

I think that being able to see people in your area is critical and fundamental. Need a way to verify people, something like attaching to someone's Google or Facebook account, MFA, etc. are all good ideas.

Finally, while I think the idea of virtual gifts by encouraging to being active on the platform is also a good idea. The idea of a paid service might sound like a good idea but I find those services ending up being a ghost town, unless maybe you're in a large city. I think a lot of dating sites made that mistake and fell behind other services like Grindr for instance... It's not a dating app per se but a lot of people do use the app and unfortunately I find that a lot of gay guys who really want to date use it anyway since that might be the only way to find other gay guys in their town.

As for the design, I might suggest using a responsive template if possible, appears on the small side on a PC and of course you want elements to be visible and usable on tablets and phones. You will also want to look at porting your dating site to an android app or a iOS app, even if it's basically a web browser pointed back at your website.

Lastly, take everything I said with a big grain of salt, I'm not a web or software developer, I'm only voicing what my observations have been and things I either like or disliked in other dating sites.