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  1. Cutesenpaii

    Is it okay to feel fed up from heterosexuality?

    Heya everyone, my name is Dario(Gay) and I feel a bit guilty for asking this, but is it okay to feel fed up with heterosexuality? It is normal to see it everywhere, which is fine, but lately, it just bothers me in a way that I don't understand myself.
  2. L

    LGBT Guide to Healthy Living

    Obviously, being healthy won’t fit into a week or a month alone, but it’s a place to start. LGBT health is a big issue for each of us individually and as a community. Our health needs are sometimes the same as everyone else’s and sometimes different; and there’s a lot to consider. To get us all...
  3. L

    Common Anxieties New Intergenerational Gay Couples Experience

    ntergenerational couples face anxieties related to their age differences and prejudices from the outside that can make it exceptionally difficult for their relationships to grow. By taking the obvious anxieties (sometimes they’re not apparent to either partner) and tackling them head on...
  4. L

    What Types of Discrimination do Lesbian and Gay Partners Face?

    Because of the lack of legal recognition of same sex partnerships, lesbians and gay men face a wide variety of discrimination on many fronts. Pensions Many pension schemes, including all public sector superannuation schemes, provide for a widow’s or widower’s pension if the pensioner dies...
  5. L

    Gay Men’s Health & Healthcare Providers

    Have you ever had a healthcare provider who didn’t understand you? Maybe you just didn’t feel comfortable with him, or maybe she was outright rude. Either way, having an open relationship with your physician is extremely important. Aside from the fact that you don’t want to work with someone...
  6. L

    Do Gay Men Have Less Stable Relationships?

    No one really knows why, but for decades, social studies have hinted that gay men are more promiscuous and less faithful in relationships. Formal studies that have been done to pick apart claims that gay men are less capable of committing to one person however have failed to prove anything. So...
  7. L

    Gay Dating Tips: First Date Tips for Shy Guys

    Going out on your first date with a guy or meeting a guy for the first time can be a bit of a nerve racking experience, especially if your one of those shy guys. Let me tell you something; I’m one of those shy guys. But, this is one shy guy who decided that unless he did something about it, he...
  8. L

    Gay and Bisexual Men and HIV Risk

    Should the Education System Feel Responsible? The discussion of homophobia and the actual risk of HIV to the population is always a heated debate, but it becomes a muddier and more frustrating topic when words like “men who have sex with men” (MSM) and “bisexual” are used—and these words are...
  9. L

    Top 10 Gay Actors

    When I though about a top 10 gay actors list, the obvious actors stood out. Here I look at some of the sexiest, funniest and well known gay actors to date. Not necessarily in the biggest grossing films or even in movies at all, why not browse my list and see what you think! 10. Rock Hudson...
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