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  1. comeoutasyouare

    Come (Out) as You Are

    I posted a little introduction about us a while ago, but here's something else for this thread. We at COAYA realize that sometimes our stories, personalities and the like gets overlooked by the greater population because they focus on the label we identify with. I personally believe it's in our...
  2. comeoutasyouare

    This is Come (Out) as You Are

    Greetings! I'm Kaitlyn, a recent college graduate with a degree in journalism. Before I landed a full-time job in the field, I decided to start a project I was passionate about to apply the skills I learned in my academic career. That project -- Come (Out) as You Are -- is a platform I use to...
  3. A

    Coming out in a private Christian school

    Hello, I unfortunately go to a private Christian school in Ohio. I have been struggling with staying in the closet. It eats at me every day. I just want to come out. I have decided to finally join this board after reading for a long time and ask for any advice from someone that has been there. I...
  4. L

    Supporting Your Child Who is Coming Out

    Coming Out: The process through which LGBT+ people recognize and acknowledge their non-heterosexual orientation and integrate this understanding into their personal and social lives. The act of disclosing this orientation or identity to others. Coming out is a challenging process, no matter...
  5. L

    Is Coming Out At Work The Right Choice?

    Making a decision about coming out is a difficult one. If you’re lucky, you already know you’ll have needed support from your family and friends. The decision about whether to come out at work can be especially risky for some. There’s no right or wrong answer for everyone in general, but it...