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Our beta testers found the troubling bugs and we squashed them.

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Our team as taken a vote. We have chosen another route for our LGBT business directory listings. With the response we are having from our donors, they suggested we allow everyone to post to the directory and give donations when capable. This will create more activity and viewership to the website. We will keep the basic directory listings free. (Working on an auto renewing script) The Features Home Page listings will be $20 for the year and Featured Category will be $10 for the year. You may also reply and moderate comments directly for an additional $5 per year. (oops, I missed the top level categories are $10 extra to list) This is a major reduction to our original plans, yet we have a very faithful following and will do what we can to keep all of you happy. Let’s start now, share every company that you know is LGBT friendly on our LGBT directory. Yes, even the theme parks you attend. Don’t forget the club or dive-bar either. (list them for free) We will do our part to keep the doors open. Our donation drives will keep moving forward, maybe not as often, but we do need to pay a lot of fees to keep the site going. So if you list a site and can pitch in here and there or make a company featured. That would be really, really awesome!

Also, the more donations we receive, the more listings we have featured, and the more income we have, the sooner we can reincorporate as a Florida Non-Profit Corporation! (and maybe hire a real content writer)

Thank you for participating in all of our chaos we have taken you along with so far,
Community Manager
Mark Laymon

PS. We did remove the Facebook and Twitter logins. They were to buggy. If you have issues with sharing, please let us know. We are most active on our LinkedIn Company Page.

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Upgrades: These upgrades help support our LGBT Community!

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  • Top Tier Category Listing (not featured) is $10 per year
  • Moderated Comments on your listing is $5 per year


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