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    Moderators for

    Great - feel free to sign me up and let me know what you'd like
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    Moderators for

    I can't assure consistent use and availability but happy to help where I can
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    Moderators for

    What are you looking for?
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    I really need help.

    You have some very sound assessments here. This is apparently a newer school, but as someone mentioned you're 18 so you should be in your last year. Gender and sexuality are yours and nobody can take that away. Your situation is awkward and disheartening and if it makes you feel better you're...
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    Do you have a category that we are missing?

    You've been busy
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    Hi I'm Ed (queer, cis, he/him). I live in the Washington DC USA area
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    Do you have a category that we are missing?

    Mental Health and Wellness is generally considered different that "health".. I'd be happy to be considered a moderator (one of not the only) for this section