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  1. AN EMKA

    I need advice

    Hey! I really need to tell this to someone. So, I live in a very conservative family and I haven't come out yet as a lesbian. We are in a really bad financial situation and I just started running an online business (with no results yet) to help somehow my mother (and also my bigger sister helps...
  2. AN EMKA

    Femme vs Butch

    Hey there! One thing that confuses me is that I still haven't understood what is the femme style and butch. Actually, what makes the femme style femme and what makes butch, butch? I've seen lots of photos like femme is skinny jeans a really girly button-up shirt and butch is something like a...
  3. AN EMKA

    Who am I?

    Hey! Some months ago I found out that I like girls. Actually, I was identifying myself as bisexual cause I didn't know for sure what I am. And then after some time, it was clear to me that I am 100%, lesbian and I don't have absolutely anything to do with guys. But now sometimes I see some nice...