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  1. ThatTransDemiGirl

    LGBTQ+ Artists

    Hello! I'd Like To Try And Find The LGBTQ Artists On The Forums. So, If You Are An Artist Who Draws For Fun or Professionally, I'd Like you to comment a picture of your art. Thanks!
  2. ThatTransDemiGirl

    A Trans Manga: 'The Bride Was A Boy'

    Alright, My Second Post Is A Book Review.... GREAT START! The Book, 'The Bride Was A Boy' Revolves Around The Life Story Of Chii, The Author And Protagonist Of The Book. This Single-Volume Manga Was My First (And I Still Find Some LGBTQ Aspect Of The Manga I Read Currently) and One Of The...
  3. ThatTransDemiGirl

    'Ello There!

    Well Hello There! I'm Jacqueline. I'm A Demisexual AMAB DemiGirl That Just Wants Someone To Talk And Vent To About My LGBTQ+ Thoughts. Being Closeted, I Feel Like I'm Constantly Playing Spleef With My Family. So Due To That I'd Like To Ask The Forums For Help. How Can I Feel And Look More...