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  1. xerixio

    What does it really mean to be trans?

    As someone who was born male, I can personally relate here. I identify as non-binary but have explored all different paths, like genderfluid and female. But at this point, labels aren't very important; try working out things like hair first. You know you don't want it, and even if you decide...
  2. xerixio

    I need advice

    Listen, at that moment, your family has two choices. 1. Accept you 2. Not accept you and risk losing your help
  3. xerixio

    Hey, I'm Venus.

    Hey, my name is Venus. I am 14 and also pansexual and non-binary. Just figured I'd introduce myself
  4. xerixio

    I really need help.

    Whatever you do, don't let them tell you who YOU are.