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I am a recently out to myself and some people bisexual. In the last year, I have come to terms with myself in my orientation. Nowadays this does not seem as nig a deal as it was when I was growing up, especially during my formative years. I am an older guy, born in the summer of '69... :cool: Some of my generation may get the reference.

I am a Navy veteran, I say this because a lot of my personality is in line with being a submariner. You know, sarcasm with little or no filtration. Doesn't mean I am an asshole.... well not a complete asshole. :p I do try not to be personally upsetting and truly care for my fellow human beings.

I am married. My wife does not know, but we have had some conversations and I am REALLY close to coming out to her. It is a tricky situation due to physical and mental issues with her. She has a pituitary tumor that was mostly removed, then irradiated, so it is no linger growing. That being said there is still a mass on her pituitary and that causes hormonal imbalances, which include a nearly 24/7 low grade headache that spikes to migraine if she is over stimulated, post menopausal hot flashes, lack of sex drive, emotional, cognitive, and memory issues. I only share this, so there is an understanding of why I have to be careful coming out to her, to prevent any more emotional stress, which equates to more emotional stress on me.
Jun 14, 1969 (Age: 52)
Nevada, USA



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