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  1. Gigi

    Tech advice? What email provider do you use?

    It’s not only about E-Mails, also about browsers and search engines. I’m mostly using DuckDuckGo, seems to me safer than google. I’m also using NordVPN, because I hate being spied about my internet activities. Gigi
  2. Gigi

    Coming Out - Old (late 30's) and Fat as a Gay Man?

    Hi Odin, it’s not the person, it’s the personality. Think of Mama Cass from the band The Mamas and the Papas: she was really a heavyweight, and she had a wonderful voice. She was impressive. Might be you’re a heavyweight too, but I’m sure you’re more than that. It’s damned bloody Covid...
  3. Gigi

    Dealing with intolerance(Need help) ruining my relationships

    Hi Stanley, like Axle I guess that people’s trying to “fix” you means: they tell you how to live a straight life, find a partner of opposite gender, build a family and so on.... Do this, leave that.... I guess, a lot of people here lived such experiences, some also real bad ones like the...
  4. Gigi

    Hi, I'm Vivek

    Welcome to our wonderful community Gigi
  5. Gigi

    I'm Kind of Torn, Feel Trapped

    Hi Axle, there’s no stigma in general about who’s sleeping with whom. A female friend of mine sleeps with her female neighbour when her male husband is at work and the children at school. They have fun and it’s okay. I’m sure, some people will find this disgusting, betrayal and so on; I don’t...
  6. Gigi

    I'm Kind of Torn, Feel Trapped

    Hi Axle, it’s some days now that I read your introduction for the first time. I thought and rethought about your first crush, when you were 15. It reminded me to my first crush, we were still teens, but I never had the guts to ask him to become my boyfriend. I’m not sure if it would have been...
  7. Gigi

    Hi, I'm Charla!

    Hi Charla, talking normally Italian I would pronounce your name as “Karla” and give you a hug. Now with Covid regretfully no hugging 😢. If you publish one of your stories I would be interested to read it. Don’t know if I like your style, because I prefer old fashioned crimes, e.g. those of...
  8. Gigi

    I don't know what to do - maybe someone has some advice

    Hi Charla, I absolutely agree with your proposals. It’s important for all of us especially with this damned bloody Covid to encourage each other to move forward. Last year there were days I didn’t want to leave my bed all the day. With meditation and back to sports I was lucky to regain a...
  9. Gigi

    Hi am ARNOLD

    Hi Arnold, welcome to our wonderful community 🤗 Gigi
  10. Gigi

    I don't know what to do - maybe someone has some advice

    Hi okaywell, the last time with Covid and self isolation and keeping distance and so on was tough for all of us. I started meditation and must say, it helped a little. I like doing long distance running. In relation to that I joined now an athletic group. It’s sports and small talk, helps a...
  11. Gigi

    is this okay? question about proper use of they/them

    Hi, I’m as confused as you are. Hope some person will explain in a way I understand too. Gigi
  12. Gigi


    Hi jxssi, would it be possible to have a quality time only with your mom? Might be easier to come out to her when the both of you stay together in a relaxed surrounding. Gigi
  13. Gigi

    i need help bad

    Hi 👋, as you can see, we’re here for you. The important things are just said, e.g. looking for the Trevor project. I’m sure, you’re a wonderful person with every right to be yourself as you feel to be. I remember being your age I avoided every discussion about my situation, didn’t come to...
  14. Gigi

    Who I am

    Hi Jade, welcome to our wonderful community. I hope, your dream comes true one day, although it seems that you need a lot of patience to become the real one that you feel to be. Might be one day your dad sees the reason. Hopefully your mom is on your side at least? I wish you a lot of...