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  1. Axle2152

    What defines LBD?

    I guess being a guy I didn't quite know what "LBD" meant, so for those who might not know that means "lesbian bed death." Surprisingly, I was in a relationship with a guy who wouldn't have sex with me that went on for 2 years. I also know a gay couple that has been together for ~15 years and no...
  2. Axle2152

    Dealing with intolerance(Need help) ruining my relationships

    Generally speaking people tend to think they know what is best for people. Maybe they genuinely think they're helping someone, but sometimes it's not and can be quite disrespectful. Now, I know little or nothing about being asexual and likewise I don't know what it's like to be you or what these...
  3. Axle2152

    I'm Kind of Torn, Feel Trapped

    Thanks for reading, I actually forgot about that particular post but that was 3 years ago. I did, unfortunately, get back on and it's the same dumpster fire as it was before. I did come across an open-sourced social network called Mastodon. It is interesting because it is really more of a...
  4. Axle2152

    is this okay? question about proper use of they/them

    In my opinion, they/them can be used to refer to a group of people or someone where you might not know their gender. I think it is of good manners to refer to someone by the appropriate pronouns when someone asks to be referred to as he/she/they or something else. That being said, I do think...
  5. Axle2152

    I'm Kind of Torn, Feel Trapped

    It is very likely that had I tried to stick with her all the way back then that one of us would have eventually broke up for some reason. I was very new to the idea of having a boyfriend or girlfriend at that time, she was my first experience in all that stuff. But she has popped in and out of...
  6. Axle2152

    i need help bad

    First welcome to the community. One of the hardest things in life is accepting and loving yourself, keep in mind that being 16 you're probably still figuring out who you are...of course people in their 30's, 40's and beyond are often still doing that. Be gentle with yourself. Allow all the time...
  7. Axle2152


    I like the idea, but I think you can get a much clearer picture of which businesses are supportive of LGBTQ+ based on experiences people have had rather than a company just paying a subscription fee to be listed. Perhaps I've got that wrong. The other elephant in the room is that it's not in the...
  8. Axle2152

    I'm Kind of Torn, Feel Trapped

    Yeah that's usually the case, but sometimes I feel that I've typed up some very long posts where people just don't read the whole thing and I'm guilty of skimming over things myself and miss stuff.
  9. Axle2152

    I'm Kind of Torn, Feel Trapped

    That is true. And that is a lot of stuff to unpack. I worry that when I make long posts about such things that if I don't go into enough detail then people might get the wrong idea but if I get too long winded then people aren't going to read the whole thing. But I do feel that I am not the...
  10. Axle2152

    I'm Kind of Torn, Feel Trapped

    I haven't really touched on the things in the post in my blog but for those who are curious it is
  11. Axle2152

    LGBTQ+ and Faith

    I was not really exposed to Christianity that much growing up, aside from knowing the basics of basics like the 10 commandments and that one time my mom let the Mormons in. Other things I was exposed to was Wicca. So I have spent a lot of time I guess being agnostic. Not so much that I am unsure...
  12. Axle2152

    I'm Kind of Torn, Feel Trapped

    Here's the TL;DR to this. I'm not sure that I'm 100% gay and seems all relationships fail rather quickly (~2 years), I want kids and that doesn't seem very likely at this point, my foolishness with money has caused a some problems, my self-worth is in the gutter and perhaps there's good...
  13. Axle2152

    LGBTQ+ Artists

    I wish I could do portraits.
  14. Axle2152

    LGBTQ+ Artists

    Here's an oil painting I did ~2018
  15. Axle2152

    Alright, excuse my mouth, but what the hell is up with people saying "I don't hate or discriminate" but then proceed on saying bigoted things?

    Well the first thing to point out is TikTok, I hate that app, nothing but crap. When it comes to the hypocrisy of religious people (seems that most of the examples in your post deal are rooted in religion), if you peel that away you're left with people. People are both good and bad, virtuous and...